Laranja – “Faded” & “Smooth Saffron” (Iowa City Jazz Festival 2013)

Watch Laranja perform their original compositions “Faded” and “Smooth Saffron” live from the main stage at the 2013 Iowa City Jazz Festival.

The Iowa City-based band, which is comprised of students from the University of Iowa, are well known throughout the Midwest for both their unique compositions that expertly blend elements of other genres into jazz, and their masterful covers of tunes from jazz masters like Bill Frisell, Charlie Hunter, and Medeski Martin & Wood.

Video Credits: Laranja – “Faded” & “Smooth Saffron” (Iowa City Jazz Festival 2013)

Dan Padley - Guitar
Blake Shaw - Bass
Michael Jarvey - Piano
Justin LeDuc - Drums
Laranja was also joined by Nathan Bogert on Alto Sax, in the absence of their usual reed-man Ryan Smith.
Video produced by David La Rosa for The Jazz Line. Audio mixed and mastered by Dan Towey for KCCK FM.
"Smooth Saffron" & "Faded" - Smith (2010).

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